Our Philosophy

Exclusive Nail Studio wants to redefine nail care through innovations in safety, quality and professionalism.

Exclusive Nail Studio Protects Your Safety

We sanitize our hands and put on gloves before your service begins.

We use new disposable files, buffers, gloves, pedicure liners, etc. For every service and protect you from cross-contamination.

We autoclave sterilize our metal tools, exceeding State Board Safety and Sanitation requirements.

We refuse to provide any service that cannot be performed safely.

We are a certified 3 zone nail salon, we remove germs and pathogens from your breathing zone, room zone and building zone along with chemical vapors and dust produced during any salon service, our Healthy Air ventilation system technology protects our technicians and clients breathing zone by removing chemical vapors, odors and dust produced during nail treatments, at their source. 

Exclusive Nail Studio Promotes Professionalism

We provide professional nail services, not personal relationships.

We respect the privacy of our clients, and request that you respect ours.

We value your time and work efficiently and diligently to remain on schedule.

We support the beauty industry through continued education, trade shows and compliance with all applicable laws.

We are licensed professionals.